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The o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l site for information about multiboxing. Founded by Ellay back in January ’07 for World of Warcraft, this site has been home to some of the most well-known multiboxers such as Xzin, Mercurio, NoLife, Nejcha, Vyndree, Bradster, Fursphere, Ualaa, zanthor, Sam Deathwalker, McWrathy (Mokoi), EaTCarbS, and Niley among numerous others; and authors such as Keyclone, Skarlot (Octopus), Freddie (HotKeyNet), and Lax (ISBoxer).




The most widely used multiboxing software currently available. Hands down, ISBoxer is by far the best, the most flexible, and the most compatible software solution available on the planet (No kidding!). This is the software that I, and many others, use on a daily basis to multibox our favorite games. While it offers what most software does not, it is especially compatible with World of Warcraft thanks to Blizzard’s built-in add-on system. If you’re looking to push the limit with multiboxing and become the best, then this is the software for you — No competition!

In case you were thinking about trying out ISBoxer, here is my referral link. We’ll both get free subscription time if you end up purchasing the software.



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