Updates For 2014


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I’d like to start off by saying that I know I’ve been neglecting this blog more than I should be, but it’s difficult to bring myself to write about things that most people probably could care less about. With that being said, I’m really hoping that I can keep myself motivated to continue to write about multiboxing-related material on a semi-regular basis because I do link it at the bottom of every multiboxing video description, so someone must be reading this thing.

It’s been almost a year since I last had an update, but a lot’s been happening…

In the realm of multiboxing, I went through several “failed” attempts at RaF in World of Warcraft. I say “failed” because I never stuck with them for very long, but to be fair, I do have some characters that I would like to move off of my current (and inactive) multiboxing accounts over to my new (and yet to be created) multiboxing accounts, whenever that happens. It’d happen faster if Blizzard would give us a freakin’ sale on character services, but they’re the same characters that you might have seen in my Multiboxing with MiRai series and I’d like to keep them around in order to continue that series without skipping a beat.

There was so much that I learned about ISBoxer during the last year that has made me a much better multiboxer. As I write this post I’m having trouble actually recollecting it all to create a useful list for others to read, but I’ve shared some of this with the public through my videos and there’s still a good bit of useful information that I still plan to share (outside of the typical video tutorials that I create).

Moving forward, I’d like to re-RaF (yes, again), but I’m also tempted to just move some accounts around and bring my older accounts back to my main Battle.Net account. As an old school player/multiboxer, I was part of the scene back when players were able to give their accounts actual names — Before everything was merged into Battle.Net and everyone was then given generic WoW1, WoW2, WoW3, etc account names. Seeing new accounts created with those generic names makes me a bit reminiscent of having my old accounts back, but this would mean I’d be forfeiting any RaF benefits and I’d have to level any new teams slowly with heirlooms. I’ve actually never had to do this before, so I’m not sure what I’d be in for.

To make this quick and bring things to a close, for 2014, I’m hoping to fire up some new teams so that I can create some new multiboxing videos, as well as, continue to put out useful tutorials and guides on a regular basis. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to execute everything as smoothly as I’d like.

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