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It’s been months since I’ve posted an update on the site and there have been numerous videos that have been released since then. So, let’s tackle some Warcraft related videos first…


ISBoxer World of Warcraft Macro Library

I found this to be a pretty fun video to make because I learned more about how ISBoxer handles macros. Believe it or not, I’m far from an ISBoxer guru, regardless of what my videos make me out to be, and every video I create I end up having to teach myself (or rely on others to teach me) a lot of the functionality for whatever it is that I’m going to be presenting. I find it difficult to teach something to someone when I, myself, know very little about it; and I believe people (at least, myself) don’t learn as well when they are being taught by someone who lacks confidence (or seems to lack confidence) in the subject that they’re teaching.

This definitely holds true for an upcoming series that will hopefully be released sooner than later.


ISBoxer — Quick Setup Wizard (WoW)

The new QSW for WoW was definitely a high priority on the list of videos that needed to be (re)created. It had been almost 22 months since the first QSW video was published on YouTube and ISBoxer had seen a large amount of changes since that time (and so had my presentation skills). The original video had over 88,000 views and, while it can still be watched on YouTube, it has been set to Unlisted status so as not to confuse any new players who might accidentally stumble upon it was it still public.

With WoW being the most multiboxed game, I felt that it needed more than just one basic QSW video — I felt that rather than smash everything into one video this time around I would try to tackle it separately. So, I decided that I would plan ahead to create a two-part series that included setting up the ISBoxer portion of it, and then covering the basics of using it while in game. Shortly after I began planning out the second video, I realized that it was going to end up being way too long of a video by itself, so it was then split up to make a three-part series.

At the time I believed this to be the best approach, and now that the mini-series is complete, I still feel that way. Rather than just overload new users with 20+ minutes of content through a single video (which is how long it ended up being if you watch the videos back-to-back), this gives people a breather between each one so that they can get fully set up to a certain point before moving onto the next.


ISBoxer — Basic Gameplay (WoW)

I felt that this basic gameplay video was good one to have for new WoW multiboxers after using the Quick Setup Wizard so that they could see some actual multiboxing happening from both a team of casters and a team of melee. Also, the team of casters exhibits the visual discrepancy of lagging followers due to server latency and the melee team shows how the Interact with Target function paired up Click to Move can cause melee to run around like idiots. This was also the first time I had ever attempted to use YouTube annotations before, and I didn’t know their limitations until I had already completed and uploaded the video. For example, there are a few annotations on the video which say “Link in the description!” upon hovering over them. The original plan was to have an external link attached to the annotation that would take the viewer to an actual guide, but I didn’t know that annotations could only be linked to other YouTube URLs — Lesson learned.

I also threw in a little easter egg during the last section of the video where every time the Paladins used (and hit with) their [Avenger’s Shield], the ISBoxer logo would do a little shake animation.


ISBoxer — Basic Troubleshooting (WoW)

This video was more work than I had anticipated due to the fact that I had to purposely break ISBoxer numerous times in order to show how to fix it. That might not sound like a big deal, but when a video take went wrong I had to set it all up again from the beginning; and let me tell you, there were numerous takes for some of those troubleshooting sections. I also experimented with downsizing my FRAPS footage using Handbrake prior to editing and ran into some issues with it. The MP4 files created with Handbrake were difficult to scrub through in both Adobe Premiere and After Effects, sometimes produced random red frames in After Effects which I had to manually eliminate, and caused some odd framerate stuttering/duplication that forced me to redo or re-sync a handful of video clips. It would have been an easy fix had I not deleted the original FRAPS footage beforehand, but, once again, lesson learned. I’ve since switched up my downsizing process to Adobe Media Encoder using a custom preset which seems to be working extremely well at this point. I’ll go over this video a little more in depth than the last few…

Game Performance / Virtual Files
While I wrote this section first, I actually added it to the video last and I had envisioned it completely different from when I first wrote it. It was going to be a much more intricate section with gauges showing how having your settings turned up too high puts a lot of load on your GPU(s) and some other things I can’t think of at the moment. However, when it came time to actually put it together and sync it up to the audio, I felt I didn’t have enough time between cuts in the audio to adequately show all of these animations that I wanted to. So, I made it a lot simpler and am actually happier with this approach compared to the more intricate stuff I had originally planned.

Repeater / Resolution Issues
Like the Game Performance section, there isn’t a lot of troubleshooting going on in this one and it’s more of an explanation of what ISBoxer’s Repeater is. Having been around the multiboxing “scene” for quite some time and witnessing how many people are confused by the fact that they should have Repeater disabled for normal gameplay (in most games), I figured this section needed to be in this video somewhere.

ISBoxer Expected, But Got…
The title of this section is something I struggled with the entire time I was creating this video, and while I’m still not entirely happy with it, it is what it is; but a handful of new users don’t immediately understand that certain characters need to be logged into certain clients in order for the ISBoxer add-on to work correctly, and that’s why this section was written in. During the editing process, I decided that this section needed a little more detail which is when I threw in the three side-by-side pop-ups to really help show the flow of how the Character Set is connected to the regions of the Window Layout.

Characters Not Following?
Follow issues are a common thing for a handful of new multiboxers for one of two reason: 1) The ISBoxer add-on is disabled or… 2) They have something bound to a modifier key paired up with F11 — That’s pretty much it. This would have been a very quick and easy section to put together, but this one was plagued with frame stuttering from re-encoding my FRAPS footage with Handbrake (as I had mentioned earlier); and because of that, I had to redo this entire section of the video after I was well into the editing process.

Characters Not Assisting?
The longest and most difficult section to record thanks to CRZ (Who knew that so many people would be in Ghostlands early Saturday morning?). There were numerous times I had to scrap a video take due to someone coming up to my team of characters and either asking questions or just kind of getting in the way. Some of it was my fault as well because near the end of this section I kept messing up something (anything) while going through the steps to show how to manually fix the conflicting key binds; and don’t even get me started on that animated table I created near the end showing the default list of Slot modifier keys. That thing was a bitch to create and I’d estimate that it took me about four hours of solid work to make that thing work the way it does (the things I do to make my videos stand out just a little bit more than the rest). Also, one of the video clips in this section mildly exhibits the aforementioned frame stuttering, but I don’t think anyone will notice. :)

All in all, I am pleased with the end result.


I’m currently working on a new video series that explains the process of setting up and using ISBoxer’s Pro Configuration, so look for that in the near future.

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