New YouTube Channel!


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Most people know me from the YouTube channel MiRaiPresents, but with the release of this new site I would like to add another channel to the mix for multiboxing-specific content (guides, tutorials, random videos, etc.). The new channel name that I’ll be using in addition to MiRaiPresents will be Multiboxology, the same name of the site. MiRaiPresents will still be active with other non-multiboxing related videos that I create, but I felt it was best to separate the two from each other.

This also gives me the opportunity to throw other peoples’ work up on the new channel as well (with their permission of course) without it being labeled under the “MiRai” name. Right now, the channel holds no public videos and once my new series is complete, it’ll be the first thing to be released on the new channel.

TL;DR – New YouTube Channel is Multiboxology.

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