New Video: ISBoxer User Interface Overview


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This video introduces new users (or potential customers who are shopping around for some multiboxing software) to the ISBoxer user interface. It also gives a few quick tips that are useful to any new ISBoxer user.

Throughout the years (has it been that long?) that I’ve been idling in the ISBoxer IRC channel, I’ve run across numerous users who fail to understand how to navigate through ISBoxer’s user interface. While it would seem fairly simple and straightforward to most people, not everyone fully understands it the first (or second or third)¬†time through. There are definitely a lot of options for a brand new users to look through and it is very overwhelming.


Usually when I create a video I try to make it feel completely seamless. I find videos where the audio and the video have abrupt, or “jumpy”, cuts from scene to scene to be unprofessional. This is the first video where I use a “modular” approach when recording as you can physically see when the video transitions from clip to clip. While this video was technically recorded seamlessly in one take, if I would have made a mistake that I needed to correct, this modular approach would have made it much easier to just replace a certain piece of the video rather than me having to re-record everything.

While I am not a huge fan of the transitions, I can live with them and the trade off for flexibility outweighs the need to have a super perfect video that feels like it was recorded flawlessly in one take.

External YouTube link to the video –¬†

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