Multiboxology Launched!


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It’s alive…

Finally got a chance to get this site up and running in the past few days and figured I’d make my initial post. This is just a site that I’m going to use as a personal blog which will act as a collective for my work as a videographer and other multiboxing-related material. When I say “multiboxing-related material,” I do not mean that this site will act as any sort of replacement to either the dual-boxing or ISBoxer multiboxing communities in any way, shape, or form. This is just a site where I can maybe give some extra behind-the-scenes info on how I went about making a video or how I accomplished a specific goal while multiboxing that you might not be able to read elsewhere.

I would like to mention that at the current time, there are no ads on the site; but in the future, I expect to put up an ad or two to see if I can actually generate some revenue from my creative works. Rest assured that any financial gains I happen to accrue will not be spent on stupid shit like new spinners for my Escalade (I don’t actually own an Escalade), expensive “top shelf” liquor, or eating out at restaurants every night of the week; they will be spent on site costs, actual bills, game subscriptions, and other miscellaneous costs so that I can continue to multibox and deliver great content.

Don’t most people run ad-block scripts anyway?

Anyway, welcome to the site and I hope the plans I have for the future pan out successfully.

UPDATE 13 AUG 2012

I’ve installed a flash menu in the header which works perfectly for me in Google Chrome (21.0.1180.75), Mozilla Firefox (14.0.1), and Internet Explorer (9). I realize this rules out all mobile phone users and anyone using a Mac, but the blog posts themselves will still be navigable from those devices by just clicking on the actual front page links. Attempting to see if there is a work around for such devices, but first, I’m attempting to implement a gallery that I like. TBA!

UPDATE 14 AUG 2012

  • Before & After Image Viewer plug-in installed and working (may require that you refresh the page or click to the next image before the actual slider shows up)
  • Flash Accordion installed and functional (also looking at JQuery/HTML5 alternatives that match what this Flash plug-in provides)
  • Waiting to hear back from the author of an image slider that I installed and isn’t working
  • Still looking for a very sleek gallery package.

UPDATE 15 AUG 2012

Ultimately, I’ve decided against Gallery software and I will be removing the link from the header within the next day or two. I’m still awaiting a response from an author of a WP plug-in which will suffice as a gallery plug-in for the time being. I don’t expect to be flexing my e-peen too much and there’s no real need for an actual gallery — If people want to look at all of the images I will be uploading, they’ll have to just check blog posts or use the built-in search function.

Another addition was a plug-in that controls the excerpt length of blog posts when they’re listed in the blog category. By default, WordPress shows the entire post (maybe not the entire post for super longs posts, but it shows a lot of text) on the blog category page. I figured that was going to make each page in the blog category quite long if all of the images and text were being displayed. Changed up the default behavior and now the images are stripped and there are only about 40 words or so being shown which makes everything much more clean.

I also added some more flash into the header to make it a little more interactive. Seems to be working just fine in Google Chrome (21.0.1180.79), Mozilla Firefox (14.0.1), and Internet Explorer (9). The only weirdness I’m seeing happens in Chrome when the flash is in a tab that isn’t in focus. The light orbs will “build up” and when you switch back to the Multiboxology tab, you’ll get bombarded with them all at once, but everything is fine after they dissipate. I’m going to try and find someone who knows Actionscript so I can maybe tweak some of the behavior of the flash.

Need to get a better 404 page as well — So much to do, so little time.

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